Offspring 2006

Aja Astoria
(WH Justice × Aja Anouska by FS Bengali)
2006 Mare

Bred & owned by Aja Arabians / UK

Just Me
(WH Justice × Praetoria by Kubinec)
2006 Mare Grey

Bred by Osterhof Stud / DE
Owned by Falcon Arabians / DK

Some of her best show results:
Danish National Bronze Medal Mare, Middelfart / DK 2010

Aja Armani
(WH Justice × GC Chanel by MFA Mareekh Amir)
2006 Stallion

Bred by Aja Arabians / UK
Owned by Lynn Tait / UK

Avalon Just Erotik
(WH Justice × Avalon Ekzotyka by Ekla De Gargassan)
2006 Mare Chestnut

Bred & owned by Sandrine Hervieu / FR

(WH Justice × Zhania Bint Zahri by Diesel)
2006 Mare Chestnut

Bred and owned by Nordlys Araber / NO

Some of her best results:
National Norwegian Res. Champion Filly / NO 2007

Lord Silver
(WH Justice × Swana by Kubinec)
2006 Stallion

Bred & owned by Osterhof Stud / DE

Avalon Mirage
(WH Justice × Monogrammed Lace by Monogramm)
2006 Stallion Chestnut

Bred by Avalon Ranch / FR
Owned by Nedjaia Arabian / FR